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At-a-glance details:
Name: Scribonna, or "Scribbles" to some. This nickname annoys her for some reason though.
Age: She doesn't like talking about it, but it's estimated to be about middle-age (roughly 32 if she was a human).
Height: 6'3''; she has long legs in proportion to her torso.
Tail length: About 18'9''. This reference doesn't do it justice!
Ideal natural environment: Up a tree! Preferably in old-growth forests.
Favorite food: Nothing specific, but she loves anything sweet-tasting or things with a very crunchy texture.
Favorite colors: Especially attracted to purples, yellows, oranges and whites. Dislikes the color red.
Other animal mixed in: Giant leopard moth, or Hypercompe scribonia.
Personality traits: She is almost obsessive about social niceties and has the "absentminded flighty artist" stereotype. While not an outright coward, she spooks easily at sudden movements and very loud, obtrusive sounds. Very shy, but hyper-aware of her surroundings.

This is an official reference of this character, but I cheated and essentially pasted together three pages of design concepts because I HAAAAAATE making "actual" references, but I can do free-form concepting no problem. So future character references of mine are going to end up looking like this, because it's easy and stress-free. And I have a lot of characters, so I better get cracking.

Overhauled this character's markings entirely because I was dissatisfied with how she looked, especially since I didn't want her to be mistaken for some glorified snow leopard (which she definitely isn't), so I made her look more closely match the Giant Leopard Moth she gets her coloration from: [link] I also decided on her name; it's derived from the scientific species name of the aforementioned moth, scribonia. So creative of me, huh? :P

Forgive my rather hackneyed coloring but I wanted to keep it rather flat so as to make it more effective as a proper color reference.
Some details about her:

~The colored areas of fur are iridescent and very visible in ultraviolet light, which probably explains why she tends to attract a lot of moths, butterflies, bees and the like.

~As you can see, her feet and toes are very big. You can't really see it in the reference, but what would be her dewclaw is actually modified into a thumb, so she's practically walking on another set of hands, and indeed they are dexterous enough to act as secondaries to aid her primary tentacles.

~Even though she could, she rarely bothers brushing her mane, so forest detritus tends to collect in it: twigs, grass, pieces of bark, etc. It's texture is also very woolly, and it's almost like dreadlocks at the ends.

~She's very nearsighted, much like myself, hence the spectacles. She likes working with wood, so the frames are handmade by herself while the lenses are made from a strange crystal with natural magnifying qualities that she found in her den.

~Her tentacles stretch to an extent, so her reach is variable. Her hand "joints" aren't actually made of bone but of a very flexible and thick cartilage to mimic actual bony fingers. There are very little nerve endings in said tentacles save for on her hands and fingers, so she could tie them in knots and it wouldn't hurt a bit. They also have a tendency to move of their own accord when she's not using them, and they have a predilection for picking up random objects and touching things (reminiscent of a curious snake, in a way).

~Yes, she is armless.

TL;DR version: blah blah stupid character details blah.

In short, I love how this character looks. I find the moths I emulated are some of the most gorgeous animals I've ever seen, so by extension I think she is also gorgeous. Will be drawing more of her, and I'll get her personality more solidified in the future (been dithering on and on about that).

Character and design belong to me, but the race Langurhali belongs to :iconv-e-r-a: so if you like Scribonna here, PLEASE check her out too; her art and characters are out of this world.
lynnluna Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2011
god this is so cool.
v-e-r-a Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2011
Ooh, wonderful! Again I am loving the work you've put into her backstory and details and how monstery she is. <3
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